The Good Samaritan Guild

Catholic Charities Foundation created the Good Samaritan Guild to honor benefactors who make Planned or Major Gifts.

The Good Samaritan Guild is a spiritual gathering of benefactors brought together by the gifts and contributions they have made. These gifts will continue to make a difference in the lives of strangers for years to come.

The Good Samaritan Guild has no dues and no scheduled events. It does offer spiritual benefits.

Each month, the priests of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles say a Mass for the intentions of all living members of the Guild and for the repose of the souls of all deceased benefactors. As long as there is a Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Venice, monthly Masses will be said for all living and deceased members of the Good Samaritan Guild.

The Good Samaritan Guild provides the following signs of membership. Upon enrollment in the Guild, members (or their survivors) are notified of the membership.  The Guild members receive a reproduction of a poignant detail of the Good Samaritan painting. A copy of the original painting is displayed on a wall in the lobby of the Catholic Charities office in Venice, Florida. 

There are many different kinds of Planned or Major Gifts that Good Samaritans can make to meet the needs of strangers. For example, some Good Samaritans choose to remember Catholic Charities in their wills. Others make outright gifts to the Catholic Charities Foundation. Still others establish charitable gift annuities, lead trusts or remainder trusts. They do this by converting cash, stocks, property, paid-up life insurance, coin and stamp collections, jewelry or other assets into the gift of their choice. The Good Samaritan Guild always follows the wishes of the benefactor who makes the gift as to how the donation will be used.

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